The Brit Crypt

The Brit Crypt is my regular column for, which launched on May 16th 2014. Each entry looks at a different subject related to British horror. The list below acts as an ongoing index to articles published.

Top 10 She Monsters In British Horror (10th March 2015)

Censored! The Tale Of Britian's "X" Certificate (8th February 2015)

"H" For Horrific! The Forgotten Horror Film Certificate (19th January 2015)

Brit Crypt End-Of-Year Quiz 2014 (28th December 2014)

Brit Gothic Horror Meets 70's Black Cinema (29th October 2014)

British Werewolves: A Beginner's Guide (9th October 2014)

A Trip To The Local Horror Cinema, Circa 1970 (5th September 2014)

Led Zeppelin, Runes, Rock And Revenge (9th August 2014)

I Am Legend - Hammer Style (26th July 2014)

Farmhouse Of Horror - Farm Safety PIF's From The 1970's (12th July 2014)

The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water (28th June 2014)

5 Missing British Horror Films (14th June 2014)

A Cultural Exchange - Euro Horror Comes To Britain (30th May 2014)

Friday Night Frights (16th May 2014)

Links will be added as articles are published - please check back later for latest additions.

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