The Purple Patch.

It's about music. A lot of it is Psychedelic, or Alternative (for want of a better phrase). Some of it isn't.

It's about movies. Lots of old horror flicks. Some downright weird stuff too. Even the odd mainstream flick.

It's about TV. Lots of classics. Lots of obscurities. Some odd lost shows too.

It's also the outlet for some random mumblings.

Some of this stuff is old, some of it is new, some is old stuff I have recently discovered or rediscovered, so it's kinda new too.

It's all stuff I find interesting for some reason and I'm sharing it in case you might too.

It's also, as you may have noticed, very purple in here.

My name's Richard, and you can drop me a line via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Enjoy your time here :-)


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