Sunday, 29 March 2015

MOVIE: As Above, So Below (2014)

US/France 2014, 93m,  Cert 15

DVD/Blu-Ray: Universal (UK)

Exploring the catacombs below Paris, a team of academics and their guides are seeking the fabled philosopher's stone, recording their search on camera as they go. The deeper they travel, the more the tunnels reveal their dark side. If they are to have any chance of escape, each member of the party must face their personal demons...

Another day, another shaky-cam found footage job. What makes this one especially frustrating is that it's otherwise an effective little chiller, with a fantastic setting in the Parisienne catacombs which oozes natural atmosphere. It would have been nice to enjoy more of the interiors, but the decision to shoot the whole thing in this increasingly passe style strips the film of much of its visual appeal. It can't quite ruin things entirely, and As Above, So Below is still well worth a peek, but you'll probably need a couple of breaks and some aspirin to get through. A shame, as there's a lot of interesting ideas here.

Attention film-makers - you do know camcorders come with auto-stabilisation these days, don't you?


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