Saturday, 15 November 2014

MOVIE: Blood Glacier (2013)

aka Blutgletscher (original title)
aka The Station

Austria 2013, 98m, Cert 15 (UK)
Allegro Film/Filmfonds Wien/Filmstandort Austria

DVD: StudioCanal (UK)

A glacier in the Austrian Alps begins oozing a blood-like liquid. A group of scientists stationed there discover that it's having an adverse effect on the local wildlife. As strange mutations begin to come to life, a government minister and her party are hiking to the science base...

This is actually quite a pleasing throwback to some of the more ecologically-minded horror flicks of the 1970's, but with a heavy dose of genetic modification in the blend. I think I'm pretty safe in saying that this is the first film to feature a falcon with a mosquito-like stinger, or a fox crossed with a beetle. Director Marvin Kren leaves enough room for the audience to fill in some visual details themselves with some deft editing, which is wisely economical with creature close ups in the attack scenes and keeps them moving at a cracking pace.

Performances are solid all round, but I must make special mention of the director's mother, Brigitte Kren. As the minister, Bodicek, she demonstrates a gutsy ability to kick serious mutant butt. If she was standing in the Euro-elections, she'd get my vote...

The ending perhaps pushes incredulity just a tad too far, but overall this is entertaining stuff with a few interesting points to make as well. Think The Thing meets Day Of The Animals and Long Weekend, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect. For me, Blood Glacier is one of the most enjoyable horror flicks of the year.

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