Monday, 25 August 2014

MOVIE: Wither (2012)

Sweden 2012, 95m, Stockholm Syndrome Film.
DVD: Signature Entertainment (UK), Cert 18.

When a young couple head off for a holiday with friends in the Swedish woodlands, they get more than they bargained for as they awaken an ancient evil in the basement of their cabin. As an evil contagion begins to spread, who will make it through to dawn?

Every inch a Scandanavian Evil Dead tribute-act, this is a generally entertaining (occasionally cringe inducing) effort, with some very striking effects work very much of the old school.

Yes, there are many lapses of logic along the way. If you saw a friend on the stairs, covered in blood, would you just ask her to move out of the way? Or, if you realise that nasty creatures are on the attack, would you all just split up? No, of course not, and there are many more howlers like this. However, Wither's intent is clearly to unleash a gorefest and this it does with some style.

Things become very repetitive towards the end (it wouldn't have missed ten minutes of pruning), and the climax is somewhat underwhelming. However, I can't deny that Wither's heart is in the right place, and it is at its core a good old fashioned horror flick of the 80's style. At a time when everyone and their granny seems to be making a cabin-in-the-woods type film, Wither manages to mark out its own territory, presses most of the right buttons and will provide an entertaining evening for gore fans. If you're after an engaging story, you'd probably best look elsewhere.


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