Wednesday, 26 February 2014

MOVIE: Demonic Toys (1991)

Demonic Toys

US 1991, 83m, Full Moon Features

Blu Ray: 88 Films (UK), Cert 18

When two police officers mess up a bust on a pair of arms dealers, all involved find themselves holed up in a toy factory. The blood of one of them revives an evil spirit after a 66-year wait, along with his evil toy minions...

The recent releases from 88 Films of items from the Full Moon catalogue have been welcome on the whole. Whilst the studio's output has been variable, their cheap and cheerful offerings have usually been at the very least entertaining,  so it is with some regret that I have to report that this is not one of their finest efforts.

It feels very much like the studio thought "Hey, Puppet Master seems popular, how can we capitalise?", and came up with Demonic Toys in a hurry. Unlike their stable mates, these characters are completely lacking in any endearing qualities - Even the most memorable, the psychotic Baby Oopsy Daisy feels very much like a cheap knock-off of Chucky.

However, the film's worst crime is that it is, for large parts of its running time, interminably boring. Padded isn't the word for it - you could probably cut the whole caboodle to 30 minutes easily, and at least it would be a hell of a lot more watchable.

If killer toys/dolls are your thing, do yourself a favour and pick up one of the better entries in the Puppet Master series, or 1987's Dolls, all from the same producer.


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