Saturday, 1 February 2014

COMMERCIAL BREAK: Lyons Maid - Space 1999 Ice Lolly (1976)

At a very small age, I loved Space: 1999, Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's saga of Moonbase Alpha, travelling into deep space.  My Dinky Toys model of the series' Eagle Transporter took one hell of a battering in our back garden, as I attempted to re-enact its landing manoeuvres and test out the springy feet which Dinky had so thoughtfully included. My slight obsession even stretched as far as learning to play the theme tune on my Stylophone.

A family holiday to Blackpool circa 1978 provided an unexpected bonus, as there was an exhibition there of actual models from the series (!), which was like the best thing on earth for me. Unfortunately, my local TV station at the time (Southern Television) decided not to screen series 2 first time around, and I had to wait for a round of repeats to catch those episodes.

So, what to do in the meantime? Well, nothing to do but console myself with the lime-coated, vanilla ice cream and runny-strawberry-goo delight that was the Space: 1999 lolly from Lyons Maid. I could just eat one of these now, actually. The following advertisement will either give you a warm nostalgic glow, or tell you just what frozen sensation you missed.

I still have the very battered Dinky model, by the way, although its lunar pod seems to have gone missing...

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