Tuesday, 10 December 2013

MOVIE: The Corridor (2010)

The Corridor

Canada 2010, 98m, Chronicle/Kulwar/Last Call

Blu-Ray: Signature Entertainment (UK) - Cert 18

When a group of old school friends go for a break in a deserted woodland cabin, they come across a strange sight - what appears to be a corridor of rippling, almost hypnotising light. Its power begins to have an alarming effect on them, and they gradually begin to fight among themselves before the bickering starts to manifest itself as physical attacks...

After a pretty interesting opening, the first half of the movie is a real chore, as though sitting in a particularly boring group-help session. It feels like a cross between a demented episode of Thirtysomething and an insane rehash of The Big Chill, except not nearly as interesting as I've just made it sound.

Things do move a bit faster in the second half, but the film sadly gets no better. The group stare in awe at the corridor of swirling light. They get nosebleeds. They watch some strange videotapes. They start to go nuts. They attack each other. Someone gets semi-scalped. The script seems to have gone missing. The "bald" make up on one character is appallingly poor, but then its also probably the most entertaining thing about The Corridor. Not entertaining enough to make it worth sitting through, however.

The trees are nicely shot, mind.

I should note that some have favourably compared this film to 2008's Pontypool, which I wasn't terribly keen on. However, if that particular film floated your boat, maybe you should give this a try.

1.2/10 (the ".2" is for the scenery)

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