Monday, 25 November 2013

SINGLE: The Kinks - Lola (1970)

UK - Pye 7N.17961 (Jun 1970)
US - Reprise 0930 (Jul 1970)

Image from my own collection - click for a larger view.

Performance from Top Of The Pops, BBC TV, 1970.

Typical start to a Monday, as I hazily made my way down to the car. It's getting well nippy of a morning round Dorset way, and my heater isn't of the most modern quick-starting type. Good job I had a thermal top on under my work shirt...

As usual, I had a struggle getting out of the driveway, as our road tends to get used as a short cut by half the local workforce and school-run drivers. As I eventually got out, and approached the traffic lights, they turned red. Coming to a stop, I reached down and switched on the stereo.

The last strains of the Stones' Gimme Shelter played. Great record though it is, not the sort to get you kick started first thing. It accompanied me through to the next set of lights. Then, something happened with the most perfect of timing. The lights turned green, as the next track kicked in...


Like divine intervention, The Kinks came to lift my spirits. You can't help but grin to this most perfect of rock n' roll moments. It's hard not to sing along too. Suddenly, the drive to work didn't seem such a chore. Hell, all the remaining traffic lights seemed to be going my way too. I had a clear run into town, and Ray Davies' low key vocal turned into a full on yell from him and brother Dave. I joined in. A small child in the next lane of traffic stared in bemusement.

On the final part now, nearly there... as I pulled into the car park, the track faded into the ether.

I turned off the engine, got out, locked the door and thought to myself: That's as good as it's gonna get for the next few hours...

I hate Mondays. God bless the Kinks.

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