Thursday, 21 November 2013

MOVIE: Ghost Shark (2013)

Ghost Shark

US 2013, 84m, Active Entertainment/SyFy Originals

Blu-Ray: Signature Entertainment (UK) - Cert 15

When a group of shark fishers kill their target, its spirit returns to take revenge on the local townspeople. However, freed from its celestial body, the shark is now able to manifest itself anywhere that water is present: swimming pools, baths, even puddles...

It's novel, I'll give it that. It's also ridiculous, the CGI is pretty dodgy, it's incoherent in places, but then again it's not pretending to be Shakespeare and the cast seem to know it. It is laugh out loud funny (intentionally or not), certainly isn't boring and is an enjoyable enough way to spend 84 minutes, which immediately puts it way ahead of your average SyFy Channel special. (The abrupt fades where commercial breaks should be do somewhat betray its made-for-TV origins...)

Ghost Shark provided some much needed light relief after watching A Serbian Film (more on that here). Don't go in with high expectations, make sure your brain is in neutral, crack open a can or two and you'll surprise yourself at how much you enjoy it. I particularly chuckled at the demise of a car wash girl in a bucket...

Meanwhile, Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws is imminent - that just might be a step too far...


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