Thursday, 28 November 2013

MOVIE: Backwoods Bloodbath (2007)

Backwoods Bloodbath

US 2007, 90m, Locked Trunk Productions

DVD: MVM (UK) - Cert 18

Six friends head off for a road trip to a backwoods town. A legend there tells of the Black Hodag, a creature which is said to periodically feed on humans for sustenance. Not taking the legend seriously, the group find they are next on the menu...

This really does feel like a home made effort, but not always in a bad way. Yes, the acting is wobbly, the continuity likewise and the whole caboodle feels like it was shot on the hoof on a budget of about ten dollars, but I couldn't help admiring the effort. The gory bits are so ridiculously overdone that you have to like Backwoods Bloodbath at least a little for its sheer fun factor. It is way too long for its own good though, and would perhaps have worked much better as a 45 minute featurette - the double-speed function on my blu-ray player came in very handy for the many longeurs. Worth a peek if it crops up on TV, but don't go out of your way.


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