Wednesday, 11 September 2013

TV NEWS: Spooky BBC Archive DVD Releases - Oct/Nov 2013 from BFI

Following their very welcome release of the complete BBC Ghost Stories For Christmas last year, the BFI have pulled off another blinder, or three to be exact, as further rare and spooky gems from the BBC make it to DVD...

Dead Of Night (1972) - available October 28th 2013

Thanks to a typical British TV archiving cock-up of the first order (a sadly common occurrence through the 1970's), four of the seven episodes of this horror anthology series were wiped so the tapes could be reused, and are presumably lost forever. However, the BBC managed to avoid destroying The Exorcism (tx 5 Nov 1972), Return Flight (tx 12 Nov 1972) and A Woman Sobbing (tx 17 Dec 1972), and they get a very welcome airing on this release.

 Robin Redbreast (1970) - available October 28th 2013

Originally screened as part of the Play For Today strand, and considered to be a possible influence on The Wicker Man, you can now decide for yourself. Seemingly friendly villagers appear to be preventing an outsider from leaving when she falls pregnant to one of the locals... Extras are expected, but not confirmed at the time of writing.

Supernatural (1977) - available November 4th 2103

Supernatural was an eight-part series of gothic horror tales, each book-ended by a prospective member of a mysterious "Club Of The Damned" relating that week's tale in order to impress the members and hopefully secure membership. Originally screened in June/August 1977, it features such talents as Robert Hardy, Billie Whitelaw, Ian Hendry and Jeremy Brett, to name but a few. Werewolves, Ghosts and Vampires can be expected...

Time for me to see how much is saved in the piggy bank, methinks...

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