Wednesday, 18 September 2013

TV: Boris Karloff... This Is Your Life! (1957)

I've been somewhat short of time to review anything today, so I've decided to take this opportunity to showcase something rather special for classic movie buffs.

In 1957, Boris Karloff was the guest of honour on the US version of This Is Your Life, hosted by the show's creator Ralph Edwards. Of particular interest in this show...

13:10 - Jack Pierce, the creator of the classic Frankenstein make-up makes an appearance, and talks about his time working with Karloff.

19:00 - We hear how Karloff helped a community theatre project in Anchorage, Alaska to build their own theatre.

From every account I've read, Boris was a genuinely nice bloke. This show is a good illustration.

With many thanks to YouTube user hermankatnip for sharing this fantastic piece of archive.

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