Thursday, 12 September 2013

MOVIE STUFF: The Purple Rating Scale...

The following is the scale used to rate films on The Purple Patch Blog. I don't stick rigidly to whole numbers. though. For example, a film I have rated as a 6.8 is above average, but has a flaw or two which stops me unreservedly calling it a good movie. A 7.3 is a good flick with touches which raise its rating slightly, but not enough to put it in the "cut above" level.

Also, it's important to remember that I judge films in their own arena. That is, I see no point in comparing Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead with Greta Garbo in Queen Christina. I rate both films extremely highly, but for totally different reasons entirely.

I also reserve the right to tweak my rating at any time. Personal judgements of films change with the passing of time, and so may the scores I give them.

So, here's that Purple Rating scale...

10 - Exceptional In Every Respect. A Classic
 9 - A Great Film
 8 - Really Good - A Cut Above
 7 - Good Movie
 6 - Above Average, Worth A Look
 5 - OK, Average
 4 - A Disappointment
 3 - Poor/Dull
 2 - Very Poor
 1 - A Painful Experience
 0 - Losing The Will To Live

Click here for an A-Z listing of films covered so far...

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