Thursday, 12 September 2013

MOVIE: Sick Boy (2012)

Sick Boy

US 2012, 80m, Goat's Man Hill

DVD: 101 Films (UK) - Cert 18

Babysitter Lucy seems to have landed a dream job when she lands a $400-per-night gig. Her new employer Dr. Gordan requests that Lucy should stay away from her son due to a serious illness, and simply alert her if she hears anything through the baby monitor. However, Lucy's curiosity gets the better of her, and when she goes to check on the boy she discovers more than she expected...

So... first point. If I landed a job paying $400 a night (around £253 by today's exchange rate), and all I had to do was listen out to a baby monitor, and otherwise just sit there faffing around with my laptop, surfing the web, and doing other stuff (updating this blog, for example), I would not argue. I would follow the mother's instructions, and alert her if I heard anything. Simple. Where do I apply?

That aside, however... this is good fun. It builds up the scene nicely in the first half before things really kick off. I always think that "evil kid" films are a difficult thing to pull off, as their effectiveness really depends on the kid's performance. I'm happy to say that Cas Rooney, as little Jeremy, is creepy and menacing in all the right places.

Director Tim T. Cunningham, usually to be found providing the effects for the likes of Snow White & The Huntsman or X-Men: First Class, doesn't over-milk the idea - it moves briskly and doesn't outstay its welcome (I seem to be seeing a lot of films with 80-ish minute running times lately - a good thing, I think).

Silly in places? Sure. Predictable at times? Perhaps, but it manages to take some familiar horror ingredients and put a new spin on them. Just take off your highbrow hat and you're in for a good, occasionally gory time.


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