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MOVIE NEWS: Forthcoming Horror Releases For Halloween 2013!

As September progresses, we're still enjoying warm sunshine down on the south coast of England (even if it has just started pelting down with rain as I type this). However, at The Purple Patch Blog, thoughts are already turning to the great horror movie fest that is Halloween. After all, these things take careful planning. You need to select the perfect combo of movies, mix a bit of light and shade, choose a suitable old favourite alongside something new. Then there's the food and drinks to sort out...

I'll aim to post some of my favourite Halloween recipes nearer the time, but first things first. Here's a rundown of some of the more interesting sounding delights on offer in the UK over the next few weeks. Some are old faves getting a new airing, some are new releases. This list is not exhaustive, there will probably be more titles hitting the market as the big day approaches, and some of these release dates will probably change. However, submitted for your approval...

September 16th

The Fly (1958) - 20th Century-Fox

The classic monster flick gets a much needed HD makeover. After the fuzzy prints which have turned up on TV for years, this promises to be a treat. And it's got Vincent Price too.

Killer Clown (aka Killjoy Goes To Hell) (2012) - 88 Films

It's got a killer clown. That's good enough for me!

September 23rd

Sleepwalker (1984) – BFI Flipside

The BFI continue unearthing interesting obscurities from British cinema. This is a 50 minute feature, described as a mixture of biting satire and bloody horror. Several short films are added as extras.

Squirm (1976) – Arrow Films

Killer worms on the loose! No, really. Jeff “Satan's Little Helper” Lieberman's eco-horror comes to Blu-Ray.

No One Lives (2012) – Anchor Bay

Wealthy couple kidnapped by ruthless killers on the road, but with a twist...

The Reaper (aka Jack The Reaper) (2011) – Safecracker Pictures

Teens on a field trip, terrorised in a rail museum by a creature known as “Railroad Jack”. Features Tony “Candyman” Todd (hurrah!). Review coming to this blog soon...

5 Souls (2013) – High Fliers

A man must claim five souls for the devil to save himself from eternal damnation. 

September 30th

Frankenstein's Army (2013) – Entertainment One

In World War II, a Russian battalion stumbles on a Nazi scientist creating an army of unstoppable soldiers. Sounds daft, but fun.

The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) – StudioCanal

So, The Last Exorcism wasn't actually the “last” exorcism after all. Hmmm...

Dollman (1991)/Demonic Toys (1992) – both 88 Films

Two early 90's rental favourites from Charles Band's Full Moon outfit make their HD debut. On the one hand, homunculus alien visitor does battle with similarly sized enemies on Earth. On the other hand, we have evil psychotic toys. Could be an enjoyably retro double-bill...

Citadel (2012) - Metrodome

Agoraphobic father teams up with priest to save daughter from a gang of twisted feral children, who may not be entirely human. Possibly more than just another “hoodie-horror”.

October 7th

Young Frankenstein (1974) - 20th Century Fox

Mel Brooks' superb parody of the Universal classics of the 1930's gets an HD makeover.

Carrie (1976)/The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) – both MGM

MGM are having an HD horror frenzy this week! As a remake hits screens (but we have to wait until NOVEMBER 24TH in the UK? Arrgghhh!), Brian DePalma's original adaptation of Stephen King's debut novel hits Blu-Ray, with Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie on oscar-nominated form. Its belated (and unnecessary) sequel arrives too. 

Poltergeist II (1983)/Poltergeist III (1988) – MGM

Both coming to Blu-Ray. Part 2 isn't a patch on its predecessor, but it's not a bad film either. It's become overshadowed by the “curse” theory allegedly affecting several cast members. Part 3 was perhaps a sequel too far, although a troubled and tragic production history didn't help... Still worth a look, though.

Night Of The Hunter (1955) – Arrow Films

Charles Laughton turned director for this study in evil. Robert Mitchum's evil preacher tries to get the whereabouts of a missing stash of money from two children. A unique bona-fide classic. 

October 13th

The Wicker Man: The Final Cut (1973) – StudioCanal

See my earlier piece here. 

October 14th

Tod Slaughter Triple Feature (1935-40) – Odeon Entertainment

Before Hammer, Tod Slaughter was the face of British horror (or melodrama, to be more precise). This DVD set promises “Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street” (1936), “Maria Marten” (1935) and “Crimes At The Dark House” (1940).

ATM (2013) – Lionsgate

A psychopath holds three office workers trapped in a cash dispenser kiosk, and a deadly game of cat-and-mouse ensues.

V/H/S 2 (2013) – Koch Media

A sequel to the horror anthology. I didn't think much of the first one to be blunt, but let's see what's on offer this time around... 

October 21st

Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition (1978) – Anchor Bay

It's reissue/repackage time again. However, it does have a brand-new transfer, new commentary and extras, along with a selection of further extras taken from Anchor Bay's previous releases. If it's the final word on this classic, it might be worth digging in your pockets one last time.

The Witches (1966) – StudioCanal

Bit of a curio from Hammer's back catalogue. Not one of their best, but worth a peek.

Curse Of Chucky (2013) – Universal

Chucky's back! Count me in! This appears to follow on from the events of Child's Play 3, rather than the last two Chucky outings. It also, as far as I can make out, seems to be getting a simultaneous theatrical and Blu-ray/DVD release...

October 28th

Creepshow (1982) – Second Sight

George A Romero & Stephen King's homage to the horror comics of the 1950's goes HD – nice dual commentaries and making-of documentary make this a tempting prospect.

Ghost Shark (2013) – Signature

A shark terrorises a coastal community. Again. But this time. the shark actually appears to be a ghost. Yes, quite.

More on these releases as I get hold of them. In the meantime, I'm always interested in your recommendations for Halloween flicks. Maybe you know a great little obscurity which I've missed? Leave a comment, or drop me a line through Facebook or Twitter using the links on the right.

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