Saturday, 21 September 2013

COMING SOON - UK DVD & BluRay for 23rd and 30th September 2013

The Purple Patch Blog YouTube Channel is now live, and here is the first showreel of forthcoming attractions. These will all be hitting UK DVD or BluRay on the 23rd or 30th of September. I will aim to put these showreels together regularly, depending on how many films of interest are forthcoming. There's a blend of titles old and new in this batch, so something for everyone - Enjoy!

NOTE: Please remember that trailers of older films are not necessarily representative of the quality of the actual edition being released!

September 23rd

Sleepwalker (1984) – BFI Flipside

The BFI continue unearthing interesting obscurities from British cinema. This is a 50 minute feature, described as a mixture of biting satire and bloody horror. Several short films are added as extras. NO TRAILER AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF WRITING.

No One Lives (2012) – Anchor Bay

Wealthy couple kidnapped by ruthless killers on the road, but with a twist...

The Reaper (aka Jack The Reaper) (2011) – Safecracker Pictures

Teens on a field trip, terrorised in a rail museum by a creature known as “Railroad Jack”. Features Tony “Candyman” Todd (hurrah!). Full review here.

Squirm (1976) – Arrow Films

Killer worms on the loose! No, really. Jeff “Satan's Little Helper” Lieberman's eco-horror comes to Blu-Ray.

5 Souls (2013) – High Fliers

A man must claim five souls for the devil to save himself from eternal damnation. 

September 30th

Frankenstein's Army (2013) – Entertainment One

In World War II, a Russian battalion stumbles on a Nazi scientist creating an army of unstoppable soldiers. Sounds daft, but fun.

The Last Exorcism Part II (2013) – StudioCanal

So, The Last Exorcism wasn't actually the “last” exorcism after all. Hmmm...

Dollman (1991)/Demonic Toys (1992) – both 88 Films

Two early 90's rental favourites from Charles Band's Full Moon outfit make their HD debut. On the one hand, homunculus alien visitor does battle with similarly sized enemies on Earth. On the other hand, we have evil psychotic toys. Could be an enjoyably retro double-bill...

Citadel (2012) - Metrodome

Agoraphobic father teams up with priest to save daughter from a gang of twisted feral children, who may not be entirely human. Possibly more than just another “hoodie-horror”.

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