Saturday, 6 July 2013

SINGLE: Supergrass - Sun Hits The Sky (1997)

UK - Parlophone R6469 (July 1997)

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As the summer finally decides to hit the UK big time, it's time for some perfect summer pop.

I'm finding it hard to believe I bought this single 16 years ago (at least, it will be in three days time). It feels like those years have gone in a flash, and yet this track still sounds as fresh and exciting as the day I got it home from the shop and put it on the turntable (several times in a row, as it turned out). That's either a tribute to the quality of Supergrass' work, or just me being a sentimental old fool and insisting that "music was much better in my day". However, I'm confident that it's the former rather than the latter.

There haven't been that many bands I've gotten upset about over the years when they split up, but I was genuinely gutted when Supergrass split. They were one of the few bands whose records I would go out and buy as soon as they came out without hearing them first, because I knew they would never, ever disappoint me. I absolutely loved that band. Still do.

I was enjoying this earlier today as I crashed out in my papasan chair, eating a Strawberry Mivvi. Hopefully you'll enjoy it too. It's a perfect soundtrack for a perfect summer's day.

We're In It For The Money (Parlophone CD 1997)
Supergrass Is 10 (Parlophone CD 2004)

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