Saturday, 20 July 2013

SINGLE: Soho - Hippy Chick (1990)

UK - Savage 7SAV 106 (April 1990)
US - Atco 7-98908

It kicks off with a cheeky sample from The Smiths' How Soon Is Now before a Soul II Soul beat kicks in, starting what my memory tells me was a truly infectious summer hit.

The memory plays tricks, though. Whilst Hippy Chick did indeed enter the chart in May 1990, it only managed to reach number 67 first time around and would prove to be a slow burner, eventually re-entering the chart and peaking at number 8 in January 1991, possibly boosted by its appearance on the compilation album Happy Daze. So, not a summer hit at all then, although it should have been. It was certainly getting played a lot in the summer of 1990, even if nobody was buying it yet.

Soho were sisters Jacqui and Pauline Cuff and Timothy London. They continued to record until 1999 but were never able to repeat the success of Hippy Chick.


Unbelieveable Too (EMI/Virgin CD 2002)

Or, if you can find a copy...

Happy Daze Volume One (Island CD CIDTV1) - an enjoyable round up of 1990 - I've been playing it in the car all week! For more details, I recommend the As Seen On TV blogspot.

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